I will design elegant website

Visitors will be welcomed by strong idea and visually clean design.
Photos, content and other graphics will support the professional impression.

— Personal brand and web design

Jarka Brendlova

I designed personal brand and website for finance advisor.

Jarka Brendlova grafika osobního webu

— Career project web design


I design fresh, modern and interactive website with focus on young target audience.

Volbakariery.cz design webu, microsite

— Design firemního webu


I was asked to design fresh and modern website according to brand identity and strategy with focus on company key objective - quick and quality services.

Rapidwork design a tvorba firemního webu

— Design firemního webu


I created a website which followed a visual identity I completly redesigned as well. According to company clients, the new website finaly clearly communicate, what the company does and how they help to people.

Rpic-vip design a tvorba webových stránek, firemní identity

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Web design according to your wireframes.
  • Elegant and modern web design
  • Responsive ready
  • Stylesheet, graphic elements, color schemes
  • Photo moodboard
  • Figma or Invision prototype by agreement
  • PSD files

I will realise whole website.
  • Wireframe concept of website
  • Copywritting
  • Photo or video production
  • All from "Design" variant
  • Web programming and testing
  • Website launch

Common questions

The price depends on the approach. I want to be sure that each website looks trustworthy after loading its graphics support the impression of professionalism. I evaluate corporate identity, whether it is possible to use some elements and apply them to the web so that everything works uniformly. If you dont have brand identity, I will find another way how to make your website look perfect in style.

Another factor influencing the price is the number of pages and their length. The more original elements of graphics, animations or interactive parts of the website, the higher the price will be. It will always depend on the overall impression you want to make on people.

I build websites (along with coders and other vendors) on wordpress with my own design. I do not buy or use third party templates.

Simple e-commerce projects with a small product portfolio I build on Woocommerce / Wordpress platform. I do not provide tailor-made (even small) e-commerce projects.

The key is an initial consultation and finding out company benefits, that website should present to visitors. Equally important is the analysis of target groups so that they can use the website comfortably and clearly find what they are looking for.

After finding out all the details, a concept of pages with a layout is created. Followed up with copywritting and graphics.

After comments on the texts and graphics, the coder will realise website for various resolutions and we will launch website on your domain.

Microsite design takes 2-3 weeks. Company website with several pages could take up to 3-6 weeks depends on content. Big projects are divided in design sprints.

A 50% deposit must be paid before I start to design. 

I specialize in site concept design and web design.

I solve SEO analysis, programming, analytical activities, marketing settings and other things with verified contractors.

Yes, but only after delivery of wireframes.

Do you need to design a visually clean website?

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