I want my design to be worth it

8 years, every day

I help with the brand strategies

Before I became a designer, I built an online shop from scratch, where I understood how the brand and properly set up marketing can be effective.

I create design

I believe that every brand can succeed if it creates the right impression at people - customers. It's because design - appearance is one indicators that tells people how much we really care about what we do.

I design websites

Visually clean and fresh design, that looks pleasing to the eye of and can anchor people's attention in the right place.

I educate constantly

How to improve web results

By understanding UX and analyzing customer behavior, I can better identify blind spots on the web.

How to understand customers

Psychology is key to revealing the motivations and purchasing decisions of target audiences.

How to verify a good idea

User research reveals real customer opinions on web design, products and services.

How not to lose the brand

The higher the brand ambitions are, the better protection they need. Over time, no successful brand can defend itself without trademark.

What make sense to me

Healthy creativity

I do not pursue perfection, functionality is key for me. I look at the assignment from many angles so that everything fits together and the design meets the necessary goals.

Good ideas

I won 1st place for the visual style of the city of Semily and an award for the idea of how to improve the ZOOT ecommerce platform, or award for the ideal archetype of the Direct insurance company.

Transparent cooperation

When everyone is clear about their role in the project, what to bring to it in order for the succesful result of all parties involved.

Effective communication

I respond within 2 days at the latest. If necessary, I will take the initiative to keep the project moving forward. Deadlines are sacred to me.

I'll point you the right direction

Get in touch

Let me know about your project and I will respond soon.

Call me

Let´s talk about your project and in few minutes you will know if I am the right choise.